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Sprint Aviation obtains Airframe rating

Sprint Aviation obtains Airframe rating from Transport Canada for Line Maintenance work on Embraer E170 (series) aircraft. Since these aircraft are falling under the CAR 705 operations requirements, a full Safety management System was to be implemented to gain this certification. Work is performed at Toronto Lester B. Pearson International airport.

Sprint Aviation is now in Toronto

Sprint Aviation has now a component shop loated in Brampton to better suit the needs of the GTTA operators. The workshop allows for oxygen cylinder servicing and refills.

Crew Oxygen Mask Overhaul Fall Special

Sprint Aviation is pleased to announce its fall special on crew oxygen mask overhaul.

Whether you need work on your MC10,MF10, MC20, MF20, 358 or 359 series, we can take care of them all. Prices starting as low as $1,695 CAD. This offer ends November 31st 2017.

Benefit of our oxygen cylinder or stowage box bundle while you are at it, bringing an additional 10% savings.

Contact Christian Leger at +1 514.799.2480 for more information.

Avox/Zodiac Portable Cylinder Assembly overhaul

PCA Dimensions

Sprint Aviation is now approved (FAA, EASA and TC) to perform the complete overhauls on the Avox emblematic 5500 and 9700 series Portable oxygen cylinder Assemblies (PCA). The state-of-the-art laboratory allows for efficient testing and reduced turn times.

The organization is also approved for hydrostatic testing of the DOT3AA, DOT3HT and DOT E8162 (among others) cylinder requalification by the Dangerous Goods directorate of Canada. Contact Christian Leger at +1 514.799.2480 for more information.

Sprint Aviation adds B737 evacuation slides to its capability list

On September 23rd, Sprint Aviation delivered its first of a promising series of evacuation slide overhaul services. The first customer, Nolinor, granted a D31354-series slide that allowed Sprint Aviation to setup the tooling and optimize the around time required. The company can now process a standard overhaul,including the Hydrostatic on the reservoir (if required),in less than five (5) days. In the last quarter of 2016, the company intends to expand its evacuation slide overhaul services to wide body Airbus aircraft.

Hydrostatic Testing registration

September 2, 2016, Sprint Aviation has been certified by the dangerous goods directorate of Transport Canada to perform water jacket and proof pressure testing on pressure vessels. This expands the capabilities on inflation reservoirs, fire extinguishers, oxygen cylinders and hoses requiring periodical testing. This in-house activity provides for better turn-times on overhauled units. The facility can process as many as 100 cylinders per day, from inflation hoses to large crew O2 oxygen cylinders and wide body aircraft evacuation slides inflation reservoirs.

Sprint Aviation is now EASA approved

On May 9 2016, Transport Canada announced the granting of EASA approval 145.7298 to Sprint Aviation. The process is one of close collaboration between the European agency and Transport Canada through the bilateral agreement that came into force July 26, 2011. Requestors of an EASA approval must adapt their policies and processes to cover the additional requirements. Once these steps are complete (and fees paid for), the approval is granted.

And what’s in it for you? This translates into the possibility to provide dual certifications on components (EASA and FAA, this last one as a result of the BASA that led to 14CFR43.17). Our MRO and distributor clientele, now benefits from the added flexibility to serve customers from the 32 members states of the European Community but also other countries that elected to adhere to EASA standards.

Sprint Aviation expands services to component maintenance

Sprint Aviation obtained Transport Canada approved maintenance organization (AMO 21-16) certification on component maintenance for Breathing equipment (fixed and portable), Fire protection and detection (fixed and portable) and Safety components (life preservers, life rafts, slide/rafts).

A Transport Canada approval provides Sprint Aviation with the ability to serve the North American market through the bilateral agreement binding Canada and the United States.

The EASA approval process is underway and expected to be completed in the next quarter.