We have been providing inspection and auditing services to commercial, business and helicopter operators since 1996.

Sprint Aviation acts as consultant for inspection and provides management services at all steps of an aircraft importation of exportation process – where the client is a lessor or lessee.

We will go through the aircraft’s technical records, ensure proper project planning and/or execution and verify compliance to contractual and/or regulatory requirements.

At lease-end, we will analyze the impact of lease return conditions

This includes checking for:

  • Airworthiness Directives
  • Major and Minor modifications
  • Major Repairs
  • Life limited components (Airframe and Engines)
  • MPD Inspection program compliance and bridging
  • Bill of material and components certifications
  • Fire protection compliance (Cabin & Cargo FAR 25.853 / 25.855)

To ensure that the import/export program goes without a glitch, we will also assess:

  • Reliability
  • Engine and APU borescopes
  • Maintenance program bridging
  • Engine minimum power assurance and EGT margins
  • Acceptance and ferry flight preparation
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