September 28, 2016

October means 50% off on evacuation slide overhauls!

Of course, some conditions apply. First and foremost, you want quality and efficiency. Who didn’t see the Good, Fast, Cheap: “choose any two”, from the project management triangle? At Sprint Aviation, we don’t pretend to be able to meet these three criteria’s at once but, with some planning and experienced technicians on our part and a little commitment from our customers, we can get very close.

Task optimization will reduce our turn time (and cost) when we perform overhauls on similar escape slides. How does it translate for you? Very simple. If you send us two similar slides to be inspected concurrently, we can for example bring the price down of the overhaul and hydrostatic test to $ 975 USD for two D31354-[ ] slides. The 50% is applied to the second slide, our basic inspection price being $650.00 for this model. Basically the turnaround time can be as low as 3 days even with some minor repairs.

We aim at being a major player in the emergency equipment maintenance. As such, we want to constantly increase our capability list on the basis of customer’s needs. In the event that your slide is not on our cap list, we would apply the same 50% on the second unit with the requirement of a 15 days TAT to allow for setup and parts ordering. Sadly, we can’t apply the 50% on parts. Zodiac and BF Goodrich are likely not to honor our request for such a parts discount (wink).

Last but not least, we believe in a win-win relationship with our customers. At Sprint Aviation, volume in repair orders translate directly in credits for you on the following quarter. Instant “slidemiles” if we can say.

Call us now to discuss your needs and secure your next overhaul slot. 514.799.2480