Aircraft safety components maintenance

Sprint Aviation hand-picked, highly trained technicians will inspect, refill, overhaul and conduct functional and hydrostatic testing using the latest cutting-edge tools and test benches for Oxygen equipment; Fire extinguishers; Inflatables and other safety related components, according to our Transport Canada, FAA and EASA approvals who allow our serviced components to be installed in aircraft operating in nearly 150 countries worldwide.

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Oxygen equipment

Including complete inspection, refill, overhaul, functional and hydrostatic testing for:

  • Crew oxygen systems
  • Portable therapeutic equipment for cabin personnel
  • Passenger oxygen generator equipment, as well as
  • New equipment sales

Fire extinguisher containers

This includes leak checks, cartridge check, pressure switch functional checks, hydrostatic testing, and container refill

  • Fixed equipment for engine compartments and cargo holds
  • Portable cabin extinguishers (including Halon 1211)

Inflatable equipment

Services include functional checks, overhauls and hydrostatic testing for:

  • Life preservers
  • Rafts and
  • Slide/rafts
  • Inflation cylinders

Other safety equipment

Service capabilities can be expanded to include inspection, overhaul, servicing, functional testing and parts replacements as needed.

  • In-cabin defibrillator emergency equipment
  • Crew oxygen mask (MC10, MF10, MC20, MF20, 358 and 359 series)
  • Crew restraint harness
  • First-aid kits
  • Survival kits and equipment


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