May 09, 2016

Sprint Aviation is now EASA approved

On May 9 2016, Transport Canada announced the granting of EASA approval 145.7298 to Sprint Aviation. The process is one of close collaboration between the European agency and Transport Canada through the bilateral agreement that came into force July 26, 2011. Requestors of an EASA approval must adapt their policies and processes to cover the additional requirements. Once these steps are complete (and fees paid for), the approval is granted.

And what’s in it for you? This translates into the possibility to provide dual certifications on components (EASA and FAA, this last one as a result of the BASA that led to 14CFR43.17). Our MRO and distributor clientele, now benefits from the added flexibility to serve customers from the 32 members states of the European Community but also other countries that elected to adhere to EASA standards.